This is the result of following our passions.

TLAKO is an authentic Mexican food restaurant with a fast casual concept. Looking to bring the very best from Mexico including architecture, design, social responsible products and especially the food, recipes of street, traditional and contemporary food from every corner of the country. As a result, we show Mexico in a fresh and simplified way, while we also talk about the people who are behind the products and how we work together.


Fresh and authentic products are the beginning of the way to amazing flavours and quality desired.

Mexican Food

Time to meet, share and celebrate. The food from our childhood inspired us. Our culture speaks through our food.


Knowing the people who produce your coffee will change its taste. Enjoy it and follow this amazing story closely.

Take Away

Are you looking for something fresh, quick but still tasty? Try our street food, as it is perfect to take anywhere.

Barragán Architecture

The interior design of the restaurant was inspired by the Pritzker Architecture Laureate, Mexican architect, Luis Barragán (1902-1988) and his late work. TLAKO’s design follows his principles of straight lines, open spaces, the use of sunlight and integration of spaces. The colors found at TLAKO’s interior add the touch of magic that Luis Barragán added to his works after finishing their construction. TLAKO restaurant offers a warm and cozy space to appreciate a contemporary Mexico and its gastronomy.