Advent Calendar: Day 16

A Christmas Promotion of Girlfriend Guide Zurich:

What a wonderful work our Girlfriend Guide Zurich friends have done with their 2017 Advent Calendar, thank you guys for letting us be a part of it and for these amazing words too!

Top 5 Reasons we Love TLAKO…

1. Newly Opened. While TLAKO may have opened their doors only a few months ago, this is not their first rodeo … the man behind this concept comes from a family of restauranteurs … the family behind the largest restaurant in Mexico serving well over 1,000 meals a day!

2. The Menu. For all our girlfriends who love Mexican food, this is not Tex-mex, it’s the real deal! We love the full menu, but our hearts crave a margarita, fresh guac and selection of delicious tacos … combined, you are in for a perfect evening!

3. The Name. TLAKO … it’s like “Taco” with an L, which means “To eat” in Aztec 

4. The Community Service. From the chili peppers and coffee beans to the hand woven tortilla baskets, the team behind TLAKO cares immensely about helping small farmers and craftsmen. Enjoy knowing that every detail during your meal is helping someone and their family.

5. The Location. Trendy neighborhood, next to 25 Hours Hotel, super easy to park. Once inside, the restaurant is warm and inviting with eye catching colors … we simply love the kids corner which was designed by the owner’s two children.

The Original Girlfriend Guide Zurich Christmas Promotion

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  • December 19, 2017

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