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A lovefoodish review by Marina:

My personal highlight: Being caught by the passion of Manager Christian explaining me the real concept & lifestyle of Mexican Food TLAKO served in the unique ambience inspired by the Mexican Architect Luis Barragán Morfín.

How many real authentic Mexican restaurants do you know in Zurich?

And how do they look like in the interior? I think the concept at TLAKO is distinguished in its kind. You will need to convince yourself. Lovefoodish has the aim to give you a little help with this foodblog story.

TLAKO is located at Zurich West, close to Toni areal tram station. It offers authentic Mexican food with a fast casual concept. This means, you choose out of traditional and contemporary Mexican recipes from every corner of the country. Now comes the unique part: You enjoy all dishes lingering in the beautiful Barragán ambience. The straight lines and open spaces embrace plenty of sunlight in the room. This makes the stay here relaxing and very enjoyable. If you are in a hurry you can order delicious street food to take away.

The menu at TLAKO
Christian introduces me to a menu that contains dishes completely forgotten among real Mexican food culture. They create dishes like a Tampiqueña (Tender Swiss beef top side served with guacamole, beans, rice and one mole enchilada filled with tender chicken). This food used to give the extra power to the worker back in time in Mexico after a long day outside.

My absolute favorite is the tortilla soup. The stock is home made with delicious chicken broth. Chef Urs Koller and his staff are gentle souls that share their passion for food in every detail. When the staff selected the menu for me I immediately felt that they would only suggest plates they love to eat themselves, too!

Further to recommend the Al Pastor tortillas, they come with 150g marinated Swiss pork roasted with pineapple. The pineapple gives a really fresh taste. The pork is super tender and prepared sous vides. For dessert you should not miss the Corn cake with blueberries. Fingerlicking!

Good Food, Architecture, Design & Social Responsibility – This is TLAKO
The mission of TLAKO is to bring the very best from Mexico. That is why beside food you find this wonderfully designed ambience inspired by a living concept of the architect Luis Barragán Morfín (1902-1988). Barragán is famous for its methods by which he could create what he called an “emotional architecture“. The buildings he produced show the typical clean lines of the Modernist movement. Christian and his family used to live in a casa Barragán. This was motivation enough to bring this emotional architecture to the new restaurant in Zurich. Beside this very personal story I love the fact that Tlako offers different social responsible products as coffee from Talquián – here works a community at the bottom of the Tacaná Volcano in Chiapas. The super cute hand made terracotta mugs or hand made wares that keep tortillas warm. Tlako knows all Mexican producers personally, you can buy several items at the restaurant, too.

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